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If your deepest dreams are not fullfilled by viewing the
content on this site, then you have crappy dreams.

I'm Joe Redifer, and this is my web site. I'm just some guy and I felt the need to create a page, so hooray for me. It's all been coded by hand. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means that I type the code for each page myself and don't cheat by using apps like Dreamweaver or whatnot. No, I don't say that to try and sound better than other people, I say that to explain why my site looks like ass. Anyway, look around if you'd like and do your best to feign enjoyment.

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Monumental achievements in the history
of Joe

- 09-24-09 - I've been really getting into photography since purchasing a DSLR camera. Check out some of my favorite pictures!

- 11-12-08 - I really need to update this site more often. I'll think of something to add. E-mail me to complain! Response not guaranteed, but I will definitely read it.

- 4-22-08 - Added new article about Earth Day.

- 4-19-08 - Some HTML tweaks and refinements. Should now look and act the same in all browsers. (With the exception of IE not being able to handle transparent PNG files)

- 4-17-08 - Created an online petition.

- 4-11-08 - Real site goes live with a bunch of junk. Internet stock drops.

- 4-04-08 - Temporary "Coming soon" main page goes up. World cheers.

- 12-16-07 - Main site becomes the story of my first car wreck (see articles)

- 11-15-07 - Site mainly used to host files and stuff like that.

- 11-13-07 - domain purchased at local thrift store.

2008 Joe Redifer